Monday, April 18, 2011

WWF - Toddler Edition

In this corner, Maverick Dean Travinski, standing 38 1/2" and weighing in in the lightweight division at svelte 36 pounds. He is known for his speed, endurance and un-yeilding persistence...and also being very gentle with his baby bro. Nicknames: Wild-man, Mack-a-doo, Mack-enstein....a lean, not-so-mean wrestling machine!

In this corner, Radley Zade Travinski, standing a sturdy 34" tall, and weighing in at a whopping 34 pounds. Known for his snuggles, incredible flexibility, rough housing and all around leader in terrible two syndrome of the week! Nicknames: Raddlestilskin, Bubba, Chunk, Momma's boy...

Tonight's match is set for ultimate suspense and enjoyment. Raddlestilskin leaps out of the gate to a early lead pinning Wild Man easily with his girth and fatal adorable-ness...

Wild Man is quick to respond in an attempt to dislodge Bubba from his back while managing to look oh-so-handsome with every slippery move...

He makes quick work of shaking Raddlestilskin free...

He is quickly recaptured and pinned a 2nd time...but a stealth "launch your brother" technique breathes new life into the match.

Raddles makes a quick recovery and manages to yet again secure his prey...

and gives Mack-a-doo a good whoopin'

Winner of this Round of WWF - Toddler Edition: RADLESTILSKIN!!!

In the end, all was well...
And thus concludes this evening's episode of WWF Toddler Smackdown. Happy Monday Y'all!!!

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