Thursday, February 5, 2009

Babywatch 2008 - Baby Mack (Maverick Dean Travinski)!!!

After a long 3 weeks..Baby Mack is HERE!!! ...and apparently the stork doesn't bring them after all - WOW - what an adventure!!!...but his final birth story in and of itself is a story for a later time which I will send out next week or so with all the fun and amazing details- Let me just say at 11:07 PM he fell out in ONE - UNO - SINGULAR PUSH!!!!....the poor nurse was not ready. Good thing the doctor was. I will send more details later, but without further ado....

Maverick "Mack" Dean Travinski is here! I am in love!
Born at 11:07PM (just under the wire on 2/4) weighing 6 lbs 7 oz, 18.5"
on 2•4•8 - sharing a perfect 4th day of the month birthday with
his cousin Bailey(11/4),
his PaPa(1/4)
and or course Pop Pop's 100th (2/4/1908)
The 4th is a VERY GOOD DAY!!!

MAVERICK - named in honor of his conception, gestation and let's be real....he definitely arrived in this world on his own terms in virtually every way far exceeding odds and medical professional's best guesses and ONLY 1 PUSH...the nurses and doctor were astounded. His
name is of American origin, and its meaning is "an independent man who avoids conformity". It was the surname of Samuel Maverick (1803-1870), a Texas cattleman who refused to brand his cattle - kind of like he refused to be born and when he did...he was more than ready. His name has since then been used in common language in the sense of "unconventional person,", and seems to have developed by way of the notion of being "independent, masterless." (and completely unswayed by proven medical practices)

DEAN - in honor of my father and brother. If his initial stubborness is any indication, I think they will all get along famously.

and you can call him "MACK" in honor of Pop Pop who I believe was over my shoulder from day 1 and helped guide him down to me as the most amazingly wonderful thing to ever happen to me in my whole entire life. Pop Pop and I even had a little chat around 7pm when I was only at 3cm and I told him that I know he has been with Mack and me all along and if he wanted him here on his day that I needed his help and to help push him OUT - we were running out of time! this time they were telling me we were looking at between midnight and 3am (on the 5th - minimum of 1cm/hour with 7 cm to go....and it had taken 11 hours to get only to 3 cm....) The next time they checked me i had gone to 9.5 cm in less than 2 hours! They were astonished. There is a reason...Initial indications have him a very very laid back dude....kind of like Pop Pop.

So, Baby Mack is a champ and is absolutely beautiful - I will send pictures tomorrow....when I wake up... and more details after I get a little recovery under my belt.

Till then....thanks for all your prayers


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