Saturday, February 28, 2009

FLASHBACK::::Babywatch 2008 - Hello to the World outside my house!

OK folks....two more FLASHBACK posts and then we are caught up on most of the news surrounding little man's birth. I am finishing them up tonight so we can start fresh on our previously posted photo project tomorrow...

Hello to all of you that exist in the world outside my house!

I have actually come to think of it as "The World Out There", because these days it seems like a place very far far away that I have fuzzy memories of visiting. Right now, my life is a long circle of 3 hour cycles of feeding, changing and taking care of Little Mack. I am ok with this because I am pretty sure that nothing as cute and fascinating as Mack is happening outside my house. I have heard that he will eventually be interested in things other than eating and sleeping, but in the meantime the outside world comes and goes from my life in my recliner with Mack.
I apologize for my lack of correspondence and of course photos from week 3 of little mans new was a very busy week as we continue to learn more about each other.

We saw our pediatrician who declared Mr Mack perfectly healthy. We go back on March 4.

We took our first bath. He has now decided that anything that requires me to strip him down to nothing and lay him out on his back in a bright room that he is probably not going to like what is coming. The bath was no different. This is the same response I get when it is time for a diaper change. On the plus side, baths and diaper changes are really the only times he cries.

We finally weaned completely off the formula, though I still worry if he is getting enough. He just seems so small...He does however eat ALL THE TIME!

We finally found a pacifier that he will tolerate though very reluctantly. He's be perfectly happy if I agreed to be his personal human pacifier all the time, but since I do have goals in my a shower or a sandwich, he is learning to settle for the offering.

But enough of all that...enjoy the pics which is what you all want anyway!

Michelle & Mack

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