Saturday, February 28, 2009

FLASHBACK:::: Babywatch 2008 - We have a Belly Button


So, after hearing repeatedly about how you cant get anything done when you have a newborn in your life....I would like to case you did not know.... It is IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done when you have a newborn in your life!

You cant get anything done partly because you have absolutely no time in between feedings, diaperings, and trying to get some sleep, but also partly because you have absolutely zero attention span and so you move about as if to accomplish something and find yourself standing there for a minute or so hoping that you recall what it was you were trying to get done. So, while I meant to send out more pictures sooner, it just did not happen. you go....

So, the biggest news in Mack's world is that he now has an official belly button. And a very cute belly button at looks like a smile :)

Here is some more Mack love for you all....I title this series...Baby on Sheepskin....yes I know the series contains only subtle differences that perhaps only I can see...but...well....I have no excuse...I am a first time mom and it is all new and unique and the most interesting thing in my current world...that....and I have absolutely no self restraint when it comes to photos of the little man...hope you enjoy!

Love, Love, Love to you all!!!

Michelle & Mack

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